Nicholas: Lord of Secrets (The Lonely Lords Book 2) – Grace Burrowes

Sometimes you just need a book like this one…it’s like a warm blanket on a chilly night…a balm for the soul…hope for the weary of heart.  Corny?  Maybe a little – but this book is all heart and Grace Burrowes never disappoints.  So, if you need a good cry and a wish to renew your hope in true and selfless love, please read this little gem!  The plot is rich, the side characters are well developed and interesting, and the love is steamy yet delightfully sweet.  And if you love big guys like I do, you’re going to find yourself falling in love with the gentle giant, Nicholas Haddonfield.

Nicholas (Nick), despite his sketchy past, is a true and honorable gentleman and when he makes a promise to his dying father to marry, he is determined to follow through.  The timing was perfect.  Just as he sets out to begin the inevitable marriage hunt , he stumbles along a lovely lady in need of a hero.

Leah has had a scandalous past of her own.  With no love or support from her devious father, the ever practical Leah is making preparations to fulfill her aristocratic duties, as well, by marrying an old lecher her father has pawned her off unto.  That is, until she happens along the gallant, deliciously handsome Nick.  Willing to take any measure to offer her protection from her scheming sire, he offers for her hand, but under one condition – a “white” marriage.  Leah struggles with accepting under this condition (especially since she is so sexually attracted to Nick), but remains hopeful that Nick will, at some point, decide to give her not only his body, but his heart.

The problem is Nick’s honor…he is too stubborn to let go of his past, too mired in his own fears and misconceptions, and too selfless to give himself completely over to Leah’s safekeeping.  But he’s not just hurting himself by denying the physical aspect of their marriage – he is deeply wounding his wife that he has made a promise to protect.  His biggest fear is whether he can protect her from himself?  And at what cost?  The price of love?




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