The Temptation of a Gentleman – Jess Michaels writing as Jenna Petersen

This is one of those authors that I’m so very glad I gave another shot.  Even after reading one of her books a couple of months ago and finding it too “explicit” for my tastes, I vowed to give her one more try.  Her writing is excellent and she writes “smart reads” with complicated (but not overly so) plots and many twists and turns that keep me on my toes until the very end!  I’ve read quite a few of her books recently, but this one stands out most as one of my new favorites!  If you can get through the slow beginning, you’ll be rewarded with mystery, intrigue, romance, and a climatic plot twist you’ll never see coming!

Noah Jordan, a former spy for the government, has been given one last assignment – to investigate a potential murder in the countryside.  Finally ready to settle into his new role as the titled head of his family and future husband to a perfectly respectable young debutante, this is his last respite in the country before the reality of his new life begins.  He promises his soon to be betrothed that he will remain faithful and return soon to London.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t look forward to this new future with anticipation, but rather with dread and trepidation.

But when Noah meets Marion Hawthorne, a successful merchant’s daughter, he is instantly smitten.  When he finds out that she has been “sold” into marriage to the suspected murderer in his case, he knows that he must do whatever it takes to save her from the lecherous clutches of her soon to be husband.  He involves her in the case in an effort to keep her close for protection – but things go awry when Marion devises her own plan to escape her undesirable fate.  Even though Marion is a diversion he wasn’t expecting, he finds that she’s one he simply cannot live without.  A rich tale of romance and mystery.  Bravo!

temptation of gentleman


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