Heart of Duke – Christi Caldwell

Lady Imogen has been plopped in the teapot and left steeping in scandal after her nefarious fiance broke their betrothal and proceeded to wed her OWN SISTER!  She hides herself away, too mortified to even show her face to her own sister and ex-fiance, let alone the ton haute.  But one constant in Imogen’s life is her dear friend, Lady Chloe Edgerton.  She provides an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry upon, and a good natured laugh to lift her spirits.  It is only natural for Imogen to seek out her friend (often) during this difficult time in her life.

What Imogen doesn’t realize is that the Edgerton family has plenty of scandal of their own…but it’s hidden and dark and eating away at the “spare to the heir,” darkly handsome Lord Alex Edgerton.  His older brother, the Marquess, has tired of Alex’s debauchery and gives him an ultimatum.  If he wishes to keep his allowance, he will make himself useful and upstanding and chaperone his unwed sister, Chloe.  What Alex doesn’t realize is that Chloe is part and parcel with her fiery haired friend, Lady Imogen, especially now that Imogen’s life has been upended by her run away finance.  It’s a frustrating predicament for Alex, but he finds that the more he is around her, the more he finds himself not only dreaming of Imogen romping in his bed, but as (gasp) a partner for life.  But alas, can Imogen ever give her heart to another notorious rogue and can Alex ever allow himself the love he so richly deserves?

…my only complaint was a lack of, er consummation, to this great love story.  As always, Christi is always classy, not trashy and her books always include rich and deep character development.  I loved both of these characters!!!  Bravo!!!



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