Once An Heiress – Elizabeth Boyce

Well, while the first book (Once a Duchess) might have been a little heavy on the smart, original plot and a little light on the romance, my friends, Elizabeth Boyce has honed her romance writing skills with this literary winner!  Love, Love, Love!  Run to buy or rush to download – you won’t be disappointed.  I might have found a new favorite author!  Oh DO read on…

In the first installment of this three book series, we meet a side character, Lily Bachman who is a steadfast friend to her scandalous friend (and main character of Once A Duchess), Isabelle Monthwaite.  With her father an untitled upstart, Lily is swimming against the stream in her search for a worthy husband.  Her father hopes for a title for his treasured daughter and gifts her with an astronomical dowry, which draws forth the “leeches” out from under every rock in said stream.  Lily, a woman used to being in control is looking to make a difference with her vast fortune.  She hopes to find a man deserving of not just her hefty dowry, but her love.  Enter the dashing Viscount Ethan Helling…a man with mounting debts and his eye on a sugar mama who can support his future mistress, singer/actress Signora Ghita Bellisario.  What a cad, right?  He was a man with a plan…he needed a fortune and Lily needed a title.  It seemed simple enough.  Ah, but as soon as he locks eyes with spitfire Isabel (and her ample bosom), he is smitten.  With one last crack at respectability, he decides to steer clear of this woman, recognizing at once that she deserves more than his unsurmountable debt and his sardonic attitude.  Isabel, however, is equally smitten (much to her chagrin).  Able to see the possibilities in this man that everyone else overlooks, she can’t help but feel that he could be more than meets the eye.  To top it all off, he can do something that no other man was ever capable of…make her blood boil and smolder all at the same time.  At the hands of Ghita, Isabel ends up in a compromising position with Ethan, thereby forcing them to marry!

With Isabel’s father holding her dowry until she proves she is “happy,” each party tiptoes around the other, ignoring the unbridled passion they could share in each other’s arms and the seed of love growing between them.  Can Ethan ever be the man Lily deserves?  Can she ever allow him to be?  Giving up control and handing over trust can be the biggest obstacle – but is it worth throwing away a happily ever after?  Next stop…the final installment of this enchanting series, Once an Innocent.  I.can’t.wait.


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